State of the Blog: SUSPENDED

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This is just an fyi for any of those individuals out their that could not deduce from the lack of posts that things have gotten extremely busy this summer.  Between LSAT studying, Thesis Writing and becoming a local rock star again I have found zero time to formulate any articulate views on the current affairs of Long Island Politics other than quirky remarks fit for talk around a water cooler. (Perhaps that’s what I’ve always done?).  Due to these reasons with the addition of the necessity for sleep I am going to officially suspend the blog for the rest of the summer.

Expect posts to begin appearing in your rss feed sometime in late september after I get a 180 on LSAT’s.

*** As always the Poltical Gentleman is looking for any writers that are interested in helping this blog tick.  If interested please e-mail me.***


The Day After: GOP still in control

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I figured that if I was to chose a day to get back into things it had to be this one.

Wow… what happened in Albany last night was crazy.  For those of you out of the loop the GOP regained control of the Senate via two Democratic Senators (Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens) switching sides and calling for a change in leadership.  This leaves Long Island’s own Senator Dean Skelos as majority leader of the Senate.

Another post to follow describing what this means for Long Island

State of the Blog: A Long Overdue Update

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Wow Spring Semester 09 essentially over (barring some final papers and exams) and thank god.  This is the first time in a long time that I that I was busy beyond belief during the school year and obviously that sowed in the amount of posts to the site.  Sorry about that but as My mother would like to me say (BTW Happy Mothers Day) school comes first.

Anyways expect normal posting to start up again some time soon.  I cannot make promises since I have the LSAT’s coming soon but posting should go back to normal any day now.

Again as always,  The Political Gentleman is looking for writers so if you are interested on commenting and reporting on LI Politics email me.

Thanks for reading


Jake DeSantis is an American Hero

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Dear AIG, I Quit!!

not necessarily related directly to Long Island but it must be noted.

Schumer caught in lie on Meet the Press

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According to the Cato Institute Senator Chuck Schumer misled the public with this statement concerning his support of the stimulus bill:

Those on the hard right say, “Cut government spending, let’s go back to
the old Reagan days.” Well, the last president who did this when we
were in this type of situation was Herbert Hoover.  Herbert Hoover said
the government should do nothing when we were in a recession, not a
depression.  We did nothing and it related [sic] to a depression.

Question Chuckie: Did Hover really do nothing or does that common fallacy only help you get through all those earmarks?


The fact of the matter is Senator Schumer lied to America and all of Long Island in order promote his policies.  I’m not posting this because I find it surprising however if you feel compelled to act please contact his offices and ask him why he did this.   Also feel free to tact this up in the column of “why I should not re-elect Chuck Schumer”

In case you missed it here is part of Schumer on Meet the Press

Follow The Political Gentleman on Twittter

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After a small exploration of the services provided by Twitter I have decided to intergrate this blog onto it.

You can find The Political Gentleman on twitter by searching (or clicking on the hyperlink):


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– thepoliticalgentleman

Writers Needed

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Okay so here is the official:  The Political Gentleman needs your help as a writer, post:

After some consideration I have decided that this blog would most suffiencient if one writer would dedicate their talents toward the following categories:

Nassau County Politics

Suffolk County Politics

Federal Politics Concerning Long Island

New York State Politics concerning Long Island

Long Island appearance in the Media (meet the press, sixty minutes)

Long Island Politics concerning the Economy (Trump on the Ocean, Wang Lighthouse, other related articles)

If anyone is interested in writing on any of these topics please email me (

As I have mentioned before I envision this website as the place to go for a summation of all political news concerning Long Island.  In order to achieve this vision I need help.  I think that if this blog gets up at running as I want it to be it can serve as an invaluable tool to the Long Island community when attempting to understand the political ongoings of this area.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to any response I may receive.